Real Estate Law

Throughout  the past decade I have represented developers, contractors, architects, project managers, investors, borrowers, lenders, buyers, sellers, commercial landlords and lessees, municipalities, individuals and corporations in furtherance of their land use and real estate objectives and the management of their real estate assets.

While there is no such thing as a “typical” real estate transaction, any real estate purchase, whether of a first home, an office building or a tract of land, typically requires an expenditure of financial and emotional resources that is often unsurpassed by any other single event of a client’s lifetime. Similarly, the disposition of real estate assets often evokes strong emotions and represents a milestone. Our office prides itself on ensuring that the intent of our clients is reflected in the transaction documents, that performance is secured to the fullest extent, and that information is free-flowing and accessible.

The finest details of a commercial lease can determine whether a business can expand, whether its owner is personally liable for rent, maintenance or repair obligations, or whether the retail location producing foot traffic that accounts for 80% of revenues is in jeopardy. We have represented landlords and tenants in office, industrial, retail and land leases and license agreements. We have successfully negotiated purchase options, expansion rights, operating expense provisions, audit rights, sublease rights, estoppel certificates and virtually any provision of, or instrument ancillary to, the commercial lease.

Almost any real estate transaction can at least give rise to questions concerning local land use controls. We are available for consultation and advocacy whether our clients are seeking site plan approval from a planning board; a variance, special permit or special exception from a local zoning board; or, simply confirmation that existing uses are in fact lawful.